730 Column: Meek Hitting the Panic Button?


Meek Mill recently went on the offensive with Wale over Wale’s perceived lack of support for Meek’s second official album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. Meek released a series of tweets about how he’s unhappy with the lack of support and how Wale really wasn’t a part of MMG.


Meek, it’s a problem when it looks like your marketing plan involves retweets from other MCs. I mean, I can see why Meek would want Wale to retweet his tweets, because although they most likely share a large number of their followers, Wale’s got a more (3.77m followers to Meek’s 3.53m).

The other problem: Meek’s album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, is not slated to drop until September 9th. It’s July 9th. Practically two months away. I can’t even cop the pre-order on Amazon yet. The industry is so fast-food and disposable now, word to Masta Ace, that no one’s going to remember the hype or buzz around the album now, and let’s be real, most fans are just going to stream it on Spotify when it drops anyway. Complaining on Twitter about a lack of tweets is not a move I can respect. But #imnotmmg.

I also love the use of the hashtag #unotmmg. What is MMG right now? The Bawse himself no-showed in Detroit and acted like it wasn’t Trick Trick and his crew that led to his absence. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Truth is, the majority of rap fans don’t care about that and Ross will still get his R&B features when the next exec tries to get “love song with a thuggy edge to it.” I’ve felt some of Wale’s tracks and others not so much, but he’s been MMG’s most consistent. French Montana is signed with MMG, but he really does his own thing, and it seems as if Stalley is just going to end up a tax write-off despite the dopeness in his music.

The MMG machine is a good machine to have behind you. Rick Ross, despite everything he’s been through, from being caught in the lie of being a prison guard to the lawsuit of stealing the real Rick Ross’s name to most recently being in the no-fly zone in the D, can still make a star and has a huge fanbase. But it can’t be expected that every rapper under the label show support for every single project. That’s what publicists are for, and if I’m a rapper, one thing I’m not signing up to be is a mouthpiece for every other rapper on the label.

Besides, there’s no recent tweets from French Montana about Meek’s new album. Hannnn?

So many of my favorite rappers have talked about how this generation of rappers is soft. I’ve said the same thing too, although I can’t help feeling like a grumpy old man when I do. However, whining on Twitter about not getting enough supportive tweets is downright silly. This would be the appropriate time to ask if anyone could imagine Q-Tip calling out Phife Dawg for not RT’ing the “Vivrant Thing” Soundcloud link, but then I’d get the response of, “Well, Twitter wasn’t around then and you don’t know how they would have acted.” Tribe had their own issues and broke up, but at least Q-Tip or Phife didn’t whine to the public. They just did their own thing and kept it moving.

When you’ve got a major label album dropping with features from Nas and Jay-Z, you should be acting like that. You should be focused on actually making sure the music’s right and what you can control is in place, because someone else’s Twitter feed should not make or break your album, but whining about someone tweeting about your album can make or break the respect fans have for you.

I’ve also known Wale for years. We haven’t talked in a minute, but he’s always been a good dude to me and I never got a funny vibe from him. Granted, I’ve never worked with him as a labelmate, but anytime I needed an interview or quote, he graciously came through. While we’re on the subject, there’s something else that’s been bothering me. I don’t know if there’s ever an appropriate time for any rapper or fan, for that matter, to change their avatar image to that of someone else’s album or face to help them promote. I’m a huge fan of Nas, but his next album cover will never be my avatar, and I’d be creeped out if someone used one of my upcoming book covers as their avatar. I think the only time it’s ever appropriate to have someone else’s album cover as your avatar is if you contributed to said album in a meaningful way. And no, copping a song or two on iTunes does not count as #support.

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